New Generation Laundry & Dry Cleaners


New Generation Laundry & Dry Cleaners

420 N. Main Plaza

Chatham, IL 62629

One of our most recent developments, New Generation Laundry & Dry Cleaners in Chatham, IL is a prime example of what your coin-op laundry can become. New Gen offers a full line of Dexter Commercial washers and dryers ranging in capacity to meet every customer’s needs. In addition, New Gen is fully-attended 7 days a week, allowing them to take full advantage of their property, equipment, and payroll by offering full drop-off laundry and dry cleaning service while maintaining the cleanest laundromat in the area.

Dexter O-Series Control

Dexter Laundry’s newest innovation will revolutionize your on-premise laundry. The O-Series microprocessor control allows users to program specific cycle details, not just time and temperature, so every garment can be cleaned properly, safely and efficiently. The moisture-sense feature on dryers targets an exact moisture level, so that no load is ever over-dried, extending the life of the garment, significantly cutting energy costs, and saving you time and labor.

  • Interactive LCD Display available in multiple languages

  • Live In-Cycle Updates and Details

  • Up to 100 Programmable Cycles

  • Moisture Detection System for Dryers

  • Fire Response System for Dryers

  • Lifetime Technical Support and countless Programming Resources from Dexter Live